Project Description

LOCATION: 130 Skyline Drive, Ringwood, New Jersey 07456
BOUNDARIES: Route 208 and Route 287.
NEIGHBORHOOD: Single-family homes, small businesses, and assisted living.
ACREAGE: 11.90 acres.
G.L.A. 90,840 square feet.
LAYOUT: One-story shopping center consisting of 27 tenant spaces ranging in size from approximately 840 square feet to over 36,810 square feet. One freestanding building with drive thru of 5,000 square feet.  Numerous national and franchise stores.
PARKING: 356 parking spaces.
LIST OF MAJOR TENANTS: Stop & Shop Supermarket
Dollar General
Dairy Queen
United States Postal Service
Wells Fargo
Coldwell Banker

Store Name Availability Sq.Ft.
Available Yes 1,250
Train DCR  No 840
Raku Sushi No 1,440
Coldwell Banker No 1,440
Available Yes 2,160
Dairy Queen No 1,140
Available Yes 1,800
Skyline Family Eye Care No 2,300
Available Yes 1,080
Stop & Shop No 36,810
Available Yes   1,988
Available (Office) Yes   1,420
Available Yes   1,700
Available  Yes   1,200
Ringwood Wines & Liquors No   2,880
Available Yes   1,200
Sidekick Martial Arts No   2,880
Ringwood Paints & Wallpaper No   2,500
Dollar General No 10,000
Skyline Pizza No   2,000
Spring Kitchen No   1,180
Subway No   1,170
U.S. Post Office No   5,226
Available Yes   2,430
Wonder Nails No   1,200
Available Yes   1,250
Freestanding building with drive thru Availability Sq.Ft.
Wells Fargo Bank No   5,000


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